We diversify your accounts into growing asset classes.
We are cost conscious.


We believe each of our clients would prefer to be one of twenty families served rather than one of thousands. Our focus on a small number of successful families allows WGS to manage investment portfolios with a view to each client's risk tolerance and particular investment objectives.

Investors hire WGS because of the experience and track record of our partners and reasonably expect their assets to be managed by those partners, and not delegated to others. Our partners are therefore hands-on managers and do not assign this critical responsibility -as many large financial firms do- to a junior broker, client account manager or trust officer.

We employ a formal, multi-factor weekly review process to evaluate investment results. We review each account, in the context of current market conditions, to determine if performance can be improved given the client's goals, desires and risk profile. The firm also undertakes a formal review of specific portfolio investments within each asset class to determine if they remain optimal or whether there are alternative investments within the class that can enhance performance. If an investment reallocation is deemed to be justified, we weigh the decision to sell existing assets against potential tax ramifications.

Most portfolio returns depend on smart investments in the right asset classes at the right time. Therefore, we select only those asset classes we believe have the highest probability of growth. We do not commit clients' assets to each asset class and wait for growth. We achieve active diversification through fundamental and quantitative analysis. Such diversification reduces risk and is essential to achieving superior portfolio performance.

We use institutional tools and techniques not available to most Wall Street financial advisors, trust companies and banks. For fixed income investments, we buy directly from a selected pool of bond brokers and are not required to use a parent company's bond inventory. Direct purchase eliminates the typical three-layer mark-up of the bond brokers, proprietary trading desks and financial advisors. We execute equity transactions using algorithmic trading systems and an agency broker (Bloomberg Tradebook), typically not accessible to Wall Street financial advisors. Both systems result in lower costs when buying and higher prices when selling. Such trading price improvements have a cumulative effect and enhance portfolio performance.

Portfolio performance can be significantly impacted by product fees within an investment and management fees paid to the portfolio manager. We seek to reduce the expense of both by using low-cost index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), products that allow us to gain market exposure to specific markets, regions and industries at a reduced cost. Given our very competitive portfolio management fees and use of such low-cost investment vehicles, we are frequently able to reduce client fees when compared with those charged by a bank, trust company or Wall Street financial advisor.

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